Lithuanians who flew to Turkey with one tour operator felt cheated: look at the rooms

I was surprised by the sight I saw

Reader Tom and his fiancee told about going on holiday to Turkey in July for eight nights.

“The selection of the hotel was quick, we had to make a quick decision. We looked at all the offers and the tour from TezTour was practically the only one that suited us according to the holiday date.

The description of Hedef resort hotel & Spa stated that it was five star hotel on the seashore, ULTRA all inclusive and the like. We expected to get into a serious hotel, for which we paid about 1400 EUR for two people”, said the man.

However, according to him, the impression upon arrival was not what it was.

“It was tragic. You could see that the room was cleaned, but there was hair in the shower, spilled stains were left on the tables, someone’s ashtray was not shaken out on the balcony, it was full of dust”, he said and added that the sunbeds on the beach were torn, and broken glass was strewn around the bar.

In the hotel administration, as they explained, they were told that there are no other available rooms, so it is not possible to change the room, and after contacting TezTour representatives and asking to change the hotel, it was explained that it can be done two days before the end of the vacation.

“We had no choice but to stay.

A few days later, another group of Lithuanians arrived. In the morning on the third floor I woke up to a shout from the lobby. When they arrived, they saw their rooms, called a company representative and 8 families were transferred to another hotel,” said Tomas.

The man explained that they were not even offered drinking water in the hotel room, as usual.

“We bought ours. Once they said that they forgot, then they were told that they just ran out of bottled water and didn’t have any more,” he shared his impressions.

“We then wrote to Teztour and they acted very intelligently.

When we returned to them, we wrote a claim, and they asked us to sign and send the travel contract received before the trip.

After sending it, we received a reply that we should read the contract, because in certain points it is stated that the hotel is uncategorized in the country, the work of the staff may be sluggish, etc. We feel cheated.

We were offered 10 percent. a discount for the next trip, but we definitely won’t be traveling with them again,” he said.

The man said that he wanted to turn to lawyers, but decided not to get involved in disputes, because they would require too much time and effort.

Explained the situation

International tour operator “Tez TourInga Aukštuolytė, head of the public relations and marketing department, said that the company puts a lot of effort into choosing both hotels and partners it works with when organizing trips.

“Therefore, we sincerely regret that the vacation did not leave the best impressions for travelers, and we apologize for the inconvenience they experienced.

However, we would like to point out that Hedef Resort Hotel & SPA is considered uncategorized according to the legislation of the host country. It is also stated in the contract with the clients: “official category of the hotel in the country: hotel not categorized”.

We also draw your attention to the fact that 5* is specified in the contract as a subjective assessment of the tour operator.

Our website provides the following information: In the Organizer’s catalogs and website, hotel categories are additionally marked with a symbol, but this marking should not be equated with the official rating of the hotel in that country. This is only a subjective assessment of the organizer’s hotel, determined taking into account the specifics of the country, the condition of the hotel, the size of the territory, the amount of services provided, etc., explained the representative of the company.

She also emphasized that Hedef Resort Hotel & SPA is an economy class hotel.

“This information is specified both in the contract and in the description of the hotel.

In an economy-class hotel, wear and tear of rooms, other premises, furniture and/or inventory, a lower level of services provided, a smaller amount of them, a more modest choice of food, and slower work of the service staff than usual in hotels of the corresponding category are possible.

So an economy class hotel is usually of lower quality than a non-economy class hotel of the same category,” she said.

“In order for the trip to live up to expectations and not disappoint with its quality, we always recommend travelers to do their homework.

We advise you not only to consult with travel agents, but also to carefully read all the information about the hotel yourself.

Viewing photos of hotels, reviews of other travelers will also help to create a real impression, it is also important to pay attention to the services provided by the hotel, the type of catering.

We want to thank the customer for this feedback, every such comment is very important to us. This is the only way we can improve ourselves and encourage our partners – the hotels – to improve.

And once again, we deeply regret that the travelers’ expectations were not met”, said I. Aukštuolytė.

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