Lost luggage: how to protect your belongings and what innovation helps to find lost luggage?

According to insurance companies, the number of travelers reporting lost luggage has jumped 30 percent this year compared to 2019. Dubbed by some as the “summer of lost luggage,” the chaos was filled with media stories of travelers going to great lengths to retrieve their belongings. And even though the summer is over, the chaos at some airports continues and the stories of lost luggage are on the rise. Delfi looked at what to do in case of lost or delayed luggage, what to do when you receive damaged luggage and what measures passengers can take to protect their luggage.

What should we do to reduce the chance of losing a suitcase?

Probably, many people have hesitated or even picked up a suitcase that was not their own at the baggage claim point. Most of them have a similar appearance – a black, large suitcase with wheels. This summer, the manager of Frankfurt Airport claimed that travel chaos was partly due to people traveling with black suitcases. “Many people travel with black suitcases on wheels, so it takes a lot of time to recognize them,” said Thomas Kirner, a spokesman for Frankfurt Airport.

To make it easier and faster to identify your suitcase, choose a colored suitcase or use special suitcase covers that make even a black suitcase highly visible. If you do end up traveling with a black suitcase, make it stand out with some brightly colored strap on the handle, sticker or other means. Andrius Kuosa, Chief Inbound Passenger Service Agent of the aircraft ground handling company “Litcargus”, says that various name cards and similar means are also an effective option.

“Suitcases usually have a name tag, which should be filled in – in this case, the owner of the lost luggage will be immediately identified. You can also mark your luggage with distinguishing marks, for example, a brightly colored tape. We would like to emphasize that the documents, wallets, medicines, jewelry, perishable food and other extremely important items should not be placed in checked baggage – it is better to have them in hand luggage.”

It has become popular among travelers this summer

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