Lukashenka put on another show: the most important thing is to keep Europe warm

The sarcastic report was broadcast at a time when European leaders are persistently looking for alternative energy sources because Russia severely restricted the supply of resources by invading Ukraine.

The cheerful Belarusian autocrat wore a tracksuit and a heated vest. He held a large ax in his hand, which he used to chop firewood near a large pile of cobblestones.

“We will not let Europe freeze to death,” joked A. Lukashenka, a loyal ally of the Kremlin. “We’ll help them and maybe someday they’ll help us.”

West Belarus have announced a series of sanctions – both for the Minsk regime’s support for Moscow’s military invasion of Ukraine and for the violence used in 2020 against people who participated in protests against election fraud.

“Europe cannot be picky these days… The most important thing is for them to be warm,” A. Lukashenko, who is often called Europe’s last dictator, said in the report.

The eccentric leader often surprises with strange appearances in the media – for example, harvesting with young women or playing hockey.

In 2020, during historic protests against Lukashenko’s rule, he was shown sitting in a helicopter circling above the protesters. Then he held a Kalashnikov assault rifle in his hands and called the demonstrators “rats”.

With Ukraine and the regime of Belarus, which borders Russia, supports the Kremlin’s so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine. In addition, at the beginning of the war, Minsk allowed part of Moscow’s forces to invade the neighboring country from the territory of Belarus.

Europe, which is extremely dependent on Russian fossil fuels, is currently trying to get rid of this dependence that has been forming for several decades.

As the painful transition to alternative sources began, the continent’s energy prices skyrocketed, and European governments began urging their citizens and businesses to conserve energy.

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