M. Kuzminskas: in terms of refereeing, you can’t expect anything else here – that’s just the level

After the defeat at the start of the European Championship, the Lithuanian men’s national team has a day off, which will be followed by two matches in a row in two days – against France and Germany, respectively.

Having successfully played the opening match Mindaugas Kuzminsk did not hide that he still remembers the defeats against the French and calls them one of the favorites of the tournament.

“We watched the German match and we can learn a lot from there, how to help each other in defense. France is not an unstoppable team. This day is very useful for us – we looked at our mistakes, the opponent’s game, now we just have to go and play,” the forward summed up.

– Perhaps one of the lessons is how to stop E. Fournier?

– Fournier, Gobert – have a lot of good players. The most important thing is team defense, because it is very difficult to stop him one-on-one.

– Were the German victories against the Slovenians and the French a surprise?

– Yes, it surprised me. The Germans also surprised in the match against the Slovenians. Neither of you probably expected to defeat both of those opponents.

– Do you still remember 2019? a match against the French?

– Yes, I also remember the mini-final of the 2014 World Cup, where we gave away the game we won. Perhaps the most painful match in his career. It’s not worth remembering that match, because we also saw yesterday that nothing else can be expected here, if we are talking about refereeing. Of course, with all due respect to the judges working here. I can’t say that the whistle is blowing against us – it’s just the level. You need to focus on yourself. We talked today that we gave too much emotion to the conversations with the judges.

– How much do the French miss N. De Colo?

– He is one of my least favorite players to play against. The losses of both Nando and Batum are very important to them.

– Do you agree that the French are one of the favorites for the championship?

– I would also classify them. We have 4 of the 7 strongest teams in the tournament in our group, so if you lose you have to go with your head up and focus on the next match. Yes, we want to perform as well as possible in the group, but if we are not the first, it will not be a tragedy, because everything is decided in the playoffs.

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