M. Ponitka, who shone in the European Championship, returned to the radar of Euroleague clubs

Having led the Polish national team to the semi-finals of the European Championship Mateusz Ponitka can return to the Euroleague.

Italian media reports that Bologna’s “Virtus” and Vitoria’s “Baskonia” teams are already interested in the striker. He played for Zenit St. Petersburg last season before being kicked out of the tournament.

It is true that the Pole, who lacked the attention of Euroleague clubs, managed to sign a short-term contract with Emilia Redžo’s UnaHotels club before the championship. The two-month contract with the Italian club can be extended until the end of the season, but M.Ponitka will probably be bought out before it even ends.

If Virtus were to spare the money for the ransom, the striker would have to wait until November 22.

The 29-year-old 198 cm tall athlete collects 15 points (32 percent of three-pointers), 6.4 rebounds, 6.9 assists and 20.3 utility points in 28 minutes at the European Championship. In the quarter-final against Slovenia, he scored only the fourth triple-double in the history of the championships.

In last season’s EuroLeague, M. Ponitka’s numbers were more modest – 26 minutes, 4.6 points (27 percent of three-pointers), 5.2 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 9.6 utility points.

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