Mantas Stonkus about his fiancee: It is difficult for Gelmine to kiss me in front of other people

“Very good performance“, when asked to describe the comedy in three words, he bluntly stated the fact Gelminė Glemžaitė. She plays in the play together with her fiance Mantas Stonkumis. Although this is not their first time together on stage, it is the first time that both of them play the role of spouses, according to a press release. Aneta and Armand are the parents of a boy who knocked out two teeth of another child with a stick. They come to the victim family Valentina (G. Savickas) and Veronika (M. Noreikaitė) to resolve the situation peacefully.

You don’t need to be psychic to predict that they will fail. The entire anatomy of the conflict will unfold before the eyes of the audience. There will be not only verbal but also physical duels. Sides and allies change places here. Outbursts of hatred are accompanied by bursts of passion. Words are not wrapped in cotton wool, and actions sometimes make the hall gasp. “It’s a comedy of such organicity that you’ve never seen before,” says M. Stonkus. “We can look through the keyhole to see how other people live. And if they live in anger and conflict, it’s even more interesting for us,” says G. Savickas.

According to M. Noreikaitė, “Maybe we don’t do tragedies” is a performance that creates a cinematic effect. The action here develops very quickly. The audience can’t believe how the ideal couple Valentina and Veronika suddenly start to pull their flaws like a bunny out of a hat, and Armand and Aneta, whose family happiness at first glance can be doubted, suddenly merge into a long and passionate kiss.

You can see the kiss and more excerpts from the performance here:

M. Stonkus and G. Glemžaitė laugh that the fact that they are a couple in real life really comes in handy in this intimate scene. “It would certainly be more difficult to play the kiss with an actor who was only a colleague, because it is still a rather large intervention in the other’s mouth,” says G. Glemžaitė. “But it’s still difficult for Gelmine to kiss me in front of other people, because she’s a girl,” says M. Stonkus lovingly about her fiancé.

Based on the play “Le Dieu du carnage” by the famous French playwright Yasmina Reza, the play surprises with Lithuanian current affairs, familiar expressions and jokes. The director Simonas Ashkelavichis succeeded in turning the French tragicomedy into a Lithuanian one. Set designer and costume designer of the play – Kotryna Daujotaitė.

It is necessary to remind that “Gal nedarom tragedija” is not recommended for minor viewers. In the performance – smoking, profanity may be used, some scenes may be shocking.

“Maybe we don’t do tragedy” – throughout Lithuania: October 18. – in Radviliški, 19 – Marijampolė, 20 – in Panevėžys, 22 – Mazeikiai, 23 – Šiauliai, 25 – in Vilnius, 26 – Kaunas, 27 – in Alytus, 29 – Birštona, 30 – in Klaipėda, November 13. – Kaunas (additional), 15 – Plunge, 19 – Taurage, 24 – in Utena, 26 – Šiauliai (additional), December 17. – in Palanga.

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