Many call this mechanism of our body a real miracle: 5 daily habits if you want to live not only long, but also quality

– Tell us about this mechanism called autophagy, what is it?

– Translated from the Greek, it means self-eating, when the body eats already dead, harmful cells that have done their work and thus makes a general order. This method was discovered and studied by Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi and in 2016. received the Nobel Prize for it. There was a revolution in medicine, because it was proved that autophagy is a magical process, you just need to know certain principles of its maintenance and activation. In short, autophagy is responsible for cellular detoxification, cell repair, body regeneration, and inflammation reduction. The main thing is that it can help fight cancer or serve as a great prevention against them. Reduces the chance of infections, improves digestion.

– What are those principles?

– The basic principle of autophagy is intermittent fasting. But now there is so much information about him and not all of it is correct. Such fasting should be comfortable enough. Of course, without delving into the principle of individuality, it is believed that fasting for 12-14 hours every day is the most optimal. This means that if you eat at 6 p.m. dinner, the next meal will be at 8 o’clock in the morning It turns out that most of the fasting time a person sleeps and does not experience stress due to not eating. In general, we should have our last meal at least 3 hours before bedtime. So that the body does not waste energy on digestion while sleeping, but devotes all its energy to recovery. This should become everyone’s routine. Then you should fast for 16 hours at least once a week. But you need to extend the fasting time little by little, systematically, by half an hour, and not immediately “sit on” a 36-hour fasting diet. The most important thing in this process is not to stress, because stress hormones stop all that beautiful goal. During stress, sugar enters the bloodstream, and its level during autophagy should not be high.

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