McDonald’s asked local food bloggers to create a new burger for it

McDonald’s asked local food bloggers to create a new burger for it

McDonald’s turned to food bloggers to create a recipe for the new premium Maestro burger in the Baltics.

The fast food brand wanted to create a new product that would be relevant to the three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, while also attracting a young, urban audience that would not normally eat at a fast food chain.

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Even for a global food giant, it is not easy to fully understand the taste preferences and mentality of local communities. It’s also not something big data can really help with. So when McDonald’s wanted to introduce a new regional burger in the Baltics, they turned to the most reliable source – local food bloggers.

In the latest campaign, McDonald’s started asking about the taste of hamburgers produced in the Baltic countries. The answers are provided by food bloggers who describe the common features of people living in the Baltic countries: “fiery like a Lithuanian temperament”, “delicate like an Estonian spirit” and “crispy: Latvians are born with a pickle in their hands”. Each quality is then combined with a new burger ingredient, such as spicy jalapeno peppers and juicy tomatoes, to create a new recipe sure to appeal to local communities. At the end of the ad, the influencers concluded that there are more units that unite them than divide them between them – as the McDonald’s hamburger shows.


Brand: McDonald’s
Advertising agencies: TBWA Latvia
Production company: Film Angels Production
Director: Janis Nords
DOP: Janis Yurkowskis
Creative director: Edgars Stanga
Art director: Inta Brūniņa
Account Manager: Linda Erdmann Ozulia

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