Media: Ala Pugachiova returned to Russia

He published a short video report showing the singer opening the limousine door with her foot and getting out of the car.

“Allusia, how we missed you,” I. Guliayev wrote to the video report.

As the singer’s agent informed, A. Pugačiova returned to Moscow a long time ago, but for now she has no plans to perform.

It should be mentioned that A. Pugačiova has not yet publicly commented on the war in Ukraine, but her husband has Maxim Galkin condemned the brutality of the Russian occupiers and the Russian authorities, which give orders to shell peaceful cities.

It is true that in Russia they decided to accuse A. Pugacheva even of keeping silent – supposedly, if he is silent, it means that he approves of his spouse.

Russian propagandist Anton Krasovskis has assured that in the near future he plans to reveal allegedly shocking facts about A. Pugachev to the whole world. True, it has not done so until now.

We remind you that, after Russia started the war against Ukraine, A. Pugačiova and M. Galkin went to Israel and lived in Jurmala in the summer.

M. Galkinas actively supports the Ukrainians, helps the victims. A. Pugačiova, as mentioned, has not yet publicly expressed her position on the issue of V. Putin’s aggression.

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