Media: Bucha’s butchers have been destroyed, but that’s not all

The publication points out that on August 7 On the Russian social network “VKontakte” was published a photo showing a mournful stand with photos of 44 soldiers and officers of this brigade.

“Radio Svoboda” managed to confirm the death of most of these soldiers and even spoke to the author of the photo – a military doctor from the Khabarovsk Region, Alexei Astashov. “The pictures on the stand show one tenth of all the dead members of this brigade (before the “special military operation”), and it itself is practically gone,” the doctor says in his post. August 8 his post was removed along with the photo.

In his correspondence with journalists, A. Astashov explained that the photo was taken by military unit no. 51460 in the lobby of the club. The unit is located in a military town located in the village of Kniaz Volkonskoye, 20 km from Khabarovsk, where the 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade is stationed. According to A. Astashov, about 1,500 members of this brigade were sent to the war.

According to A. Astašovas, only photos of those soldiers and officers who were posthumously awarded the state Order of Valor are placed on the stand. The military medic estimates that at least several hundred occupants belonging to the 64th Brigade died in total.

Military expert Michael Kofman previously noted that for every Russian soldier killed, there are about 3.5 wounded.

Hence, by this analogy, the 64th Brigade must have lost more than 600 soldiers. In addition, according to A. Astashov, at least a hundred soldiers refused to go to war and terminated their contracts.

Judging by the dates of the deaths of the 44 soldiers depicted on the stand, half of them died in February and March, that is, before the Russian army was forced to retreat from Bucha and other cities located in the Kyiv region.

After that, this unit was transferred to the Kharkiv region, in the direction of Izium, where it continued to suffer losses. On April 25, according to the death dates on the stand, seven members of the 64th Brigade were killed at once. On that day, according to the statement of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian soldiers “tried to conduct offensive operations” in the directions of Izium-Barvinkovye and Izium-Slovyansk.

Radio Svoboda managed to confirm the deaths of 30 of the 44 occupiers mentioned in the billboard.

The fact of the death of some of the occupiers mentioned on the mournful stand is confirmed by photos from the Khabarovsk cemetery: they show, for example, the graves of corporals Yevgenii Gordievsky and Eduard Kaplunkov.

“When the brigade’s losses, including killed, wounded and abandoned, approach 1 thousand. people, management could disband it. But this will not be the case with the 64th Brigade, which Vladimir Putin, despite being accused of war crimes, gave the honorable title of “Guards”, according to an investigation by Radio Svoboda.

In late March – early April, Ukrainian soldiers liberated the Kyiv region from Russian occupation. Bodies of murdered civilians were found in the streets of liberated cities, especially Bucha.

Russian officials and propagandists called the footage from Bucha fake. However, satellite images captured by the space technology giant Maxar reveal that the corpses appeared on the streets during the occupation.

At the end of April, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine named 10 Russian soldiers who participated in the atrocities in Bucha: not only their names, but also their photos were published.

July 29 The Security Service of Ukraine has identified four more Russian soldiers who are suspected of committing brutal crimes in Bucha.

At that time, the Institute of Military Research (ISW) announced that the 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Federation from the Khabarovsk Territory was possibly liquidated by the decision of the Kremlin itself.

Analysts believe that complaints submitted to the Russian Federation Military Prosecutor’s Office and verified by Bellingcat and Insider confirm cases where conscripts were coerced or tricked into taking military positions.

Families of Russian soldiers do not have access to all the necessary information, soldiers do not receive full meals and health care. Some reports indicate that Russian military commanders ordered the soldiers to storm without ammunition and did not inform their relatives of their deaths.

There are also complaints from residents of the occupied Luhansk and Donetsk regions, who accuse the Russians of looting, intrusion and the use of military equipment to destroy civilian infrastructure.

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