Media: German government blocks Ukrainian requests for more weapons

According to the report, high-ranking meetings have been held at the Ministry of Defense several times a month since June, in which Minister Christine Lambrecht also participated. Through them, the Ukrainian side always asked for more such weapons Germany has already passed Ukraine – ie self-propelled howitzers 2000 and Mars II reusable rocket launchers.

So far, Germany has delivered 10 howitzers and three rocket launchers to Ukraine.

In addition, the Ukrainian side called for permission to export battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, as requested by the arms industry. Back in April, Ukraine received an offer from the arms concern “Rheinmetall” for 268 million. euros to buy 100 Marder infantry fighting vehicles and 88 Leopard 1 battle tanks, including ammunition and training for soldiers. All this equipment, according to the manufacturer, could be “quickly ready”. However, no reaction has been received from O. Scholz’s office.

When asked to comment on the situation, the German Ministry of Defense said that “contact is maintained with the Ukrainian side on many levels.” The goal is said to be “as good as possible support for Ukraine her in the fight against the Russian aggressor“.

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