Media: No one prepared the Russians for this kind of failure, shame on Putin

Quoting a senior official familiar with the situation of Ukraine military official, The New York Times reporters reported that the attack was carried out by the armed forces of Ukraine.

A spokesman for the Kremlin-appointed “leader” of Crimea confirmed that there had been an explosion, but asked residents to refrain from jumping to conclusions about what caused it. The statement of the Ministry of Defense of Russia only states that the cause of the explosion was the detonation of an aerial projectile located at the Sakai Air Base,” the media writes about the reaction of the country’s aggressor to the explosion in Crimea.

“It was an air base from which planes regularly took off to launch attacks against our forces in the southern part of the battlefield,” journalists quoted the exclusive comment of a Ukrainian military official as saying.

Even anonymously, he refused to reveal the weapons used in the attack and only stated that “weapons exclusively of Ukrainian manufacture were used.”

“Ukraine’s attack on Russian forces in the Crimean peninsula represents a significant escalation of the war and is an embarrassment to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who often refers to the territory he illegally occupied in 2014 as holy land,” the journalists added.

At the time, The Telegraph described the explosions at the air base in Crimea as an “unprecedented Ukrainian attack”. The publication analyzes the “ironic” comments of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and considers the words of Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the head of the administration of the President of Ukraine, as an “indirect confirmation of Ukraine’s role”: “The future of the Crimean peninsula is to be a jewel of the Black Sea, a national park with unique nature and a peaceful resort, not a military terrorist base . Everything is just beginning.”

The newspaper quotes Phillip O’Brien, professor of strategic studies at the University of St. Andrews, as saying that Ukraine’s actions are “very important.”

“Having shown that they (Ukrainian forces) can strike Crimea, they further “strain” Russia’s defense capabilities. Now the Russians will have to defend a huge territory far from the front line,” explains the expert.

And Laurence Friedman, a professor of military studies at Queen’s College London, added: “Nothing prepared the Russian people for a failure of this magnitude.”

The Telegraph also describes the “surreal” scenes of panic on the Crimean beaches and points out that Russian propaganda TV channels deliberately chose not to show them.

Another British analyst, James Rushton, who is currently in Ukraine himself, describes the attack on the air base in Crimea as a “tipping point”: “A huge area that they (the Russians) previously thought was safe even from HIMARS and M270s turned out to be unprotected.”

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