Media: oligarchs gave Putin a luxury yacht

In May of this year, the ship was arrested in the Italian port of Marina di Carrara. Italian authorities have announced that, based on the results of investigations by the Italian financial police, the yacht is linked to an influential Russian citizen who has been targeted by sanctions. In a letter to the Italian authorities, the ownership rights of the yacht were assigned to Eduards Chudainatov.

Although E. Chudainatov is a rich man, he is not so rich that he could afford to buy even a few superyachts, Dossier writes, based on the research conducted by the officials of European countries.

According to the statement, the businessman “performs the function of a squire of Vladimir Putin and his entourage, luxurious ships are registered in his name, which he himself does not use.” He is the official owner of the yacht Amadea, which the United States considers the property of billionaire Suleiman Kerimov.

On paper, E. Chudainatov also owns the 135-meter-long yacht “Crescent”, which was seized by the Spanish authorities as the property of Igor Sēčin.

European Union officials found out that the yacht “Şecherezada” cost a little more than 583.1 million. euros.

The construction of the yacht was financed by five companies:
Alera Assets – 225.9 million euros;
Diams Overseas – 288.4 million euros;
High Definition – 60 million euros;
Imperial Yachts – 3.9 million euros;
“Onda Mare” – 3.9 million euros.

So far, it has not been determined who transferred 1.1 million in two times. amount of euros.

At least one of these offshore companies has direct ties with Russian businessmen, Dossier reports. Investigators name Zijavidin Magomedov, co-owner of the Summa group, as the owner of the company. An unnamed source of the project claims that Z. Magomedov is one of the oligarchs who gave the yacht to V. Putin.

According to “Dossier” data, the money for the yacht was raised by billionaire Gennady Timchenko. The associates of politician Alexei Navalny also wrote about the fact that the said yacht may belong to V. Putin.

They discovered that most of the people on the yacht’s crew list were Federal Security Service employees. Some of them worked at the president’s residences and on another yacht, Graceful, which is also associated with Putin.

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