Media: Putin is accompanied by even more medics

In previous years, he was accompanied by fewer doctors.

The doctors flew from Moscow to Vladivostok 10 days before the Russian president, and spent this period in quarantine at the hotel on Russ Island, where the forum was held.

As can be seen from published public procurements, medics arrive in Vladivostok every year a week before the President’s arrival at the REF, and leave as soon as Putin returns to Moscow.

This year, CKL paid for the accommodation of 12 doctors at the hotel from August 27 to September 9. 738 thousand rubles (12,120 EUR). Previously, the amounts were lower. in 2021 Only two doctors accompanied V. Putin to the forum in 2019 and 2018. – eight (2020 REF canceled due to pandemic).

Only in 2017 in September, the lives of doctors in REF cost CKL more than now – almost a million rubles (16,423 EUR). The deal does not say how many doctors accompanied him at the time. True, a week before the forum, V. Putin did not appear in public without giving a reason.

The staff of the presidential administration also continue to observe the quarantine before the trips in which the Russian leader participates. On the public procurement website, there are invoices for the accommodation of Kremlin officials, which indicate an “observation period” in St. Petersburg.

They spent 10 days in quarantine in St. Petersburg hotels ahead of Putin’s visits to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June and a naval parade in July.

The Presidential Administration has spent billions of rubles on Putin’s quarantine since the start of the pandemic.

Investigative journalism publication “Projekt” published an investigation on April 1, which revealed that in recent years, Russian President V. Putin has been accompanied by doctors during his official trips to Russia, including a famous oncologist surgeon who specializes in thyroid cancer in the elderly.

A person close to the management of a famous hospital, who provided certain information to Projekt, claims that there are already rumors among doctors about the president’s health problems, and in the fall of 2021, those rumors intensified.

It was then that the president, after a long period of isolation due to COVID-19, began to participate in public events again, and during a meeting with the Paralympics on September 13, he unexpectedly announced that he would isolate himself again, because there are many cases of coronavirus infection around him. The news surprised everyone, even the president’s entourage.

After this announcement, V. Putin did not appear in public for the whole of September. It is not clear whether he underwent any medical procedures then, but after that the president began to communicate with people at a very long distance.

The head of Bellingcat, Christo Grozev, based on one oligarch from V. Putin’s circle, said that V. Putin is suffering from a serious oncological disease.

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