Media: Russia’s FSB is confused – Aksionov, who escaped from Crimea, has disappeared

They are not found by the Federal Security Service (FSB). This is reported by channel 24, quoting of Ukraine intelligence sources.

According to the journalists’ information, S. Aksionov and V. Konstantinov stayed at the hotel and went to “roar” in the restaurant. Then the representatives of the occupation authorities of Crimea disappeared. Ukrainian intelligence said that local FSB operatives were shocked and ordered to quickly find the missing collaborators.

According to Channel 24, they are initially planned to be sent to Crimea to record their denial of departure, and then be allowed to return to Rostov.

As the staff of Ukraine’s main intelligence agency told reporters, it is likely that the “prime minister” of Crimea and the chairman of the “State Duma” drank too much alcohol and has not yet recovered.

This week, it was announced that the top leaders of the occupation regime – “prime minister” S. Aksionov and “chairman” V. Konstantinov – left the peninsula while blocking traffic on the Crimean bridge.

This was reported by Channel 24, citing its intelligence sources.

According to the media, the Ukrainian special services do not yet know where S. Aksionov and V. Konstantinov are.

They are said to have left after they received a call from the head of Moscow to inform them that their lives were in danger. Reporters said they left in a hurry and took their families away from the peninsula in guarded cars.

It was announced that the “prime minister’s” subordinates were destroying documents all night.

“Politicians’ families are in Rostov, where they stayed in a hotel. They actively spread fear in local restaurants and celebrate their salvation. “There is still no talk of returning to the peninsula,” the statement said.

Russians in Crimea are panicking

More than a million Russians, who settled in Crimea during the occupation, are panicking because of the explosions on the peninsula.

This was announced during the telethon by the head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars, Refat Chubarov, writes UNIAN.

According to him, the pro-Ukraine residents of Crimea are happy with the news about the explosions on the peninsula, while the Russians living there are terrified.

“There are many Russian citizens in Crimea who have settled there, more than a million people: family members of soldiers, employees of penal institutions. They are already panicking, they are already convinced that they will have to leave Crimea, because it is a foreign land,” he said.

R. Chubarov believes that the Russians do not want to admit that the explosions in Crimea are not a diversion of the local population and that the Ukrainian armed forces may try to liberate the peninsula. Therefore, the version about saboteurs frees the hands of the occupiers to increase repression.

“They set up checkpoints in the territory between the occupied Kherson region and Crimea. Therefore, it is practically impossible to cross from mainland Ukraine to Crimea. They don’t allow people with Ukrainian passports in because they don’t want potential saboteurs to increase in Crimea,” clarified the head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis.

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