“Meduza” sources: Putin’s entourage got drunk

A few days earlier, V. Putin had met with another governor – the head of the Kirov region, Alexander Sokolov. Then the Russian president also spoke about alcohol – more precisely, about the “high level of alcoholism among the population”.

“There is no need to sweep anything under the carpet, it is necessary to solve the most pressing problems,” V. Putin urged A. Sokolova. “I’m asking you to pay attention to this,” he said.

Before that, V. Putin never spoke so often about the problems of alcohol addiction in Russia, Meduza writes.

What makes Putin’s remarks at meetings with governors even more strange is that neither Vladimir nor Kirov regions are among those with the highest levels of alcohol addiction.

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation does not provide statistics on this indicator for all subjects of the federation, but the department reported that the worst situation is in the Far East and the north of the country, as well as in the Penza region. However, the president did not discuss the “alcoholism of the residents” with their governors.

A Meduza source close to the Kremlin explained that the issue of alcoholism also came as a surprise to the governors – after all, it is not even in the top ten of the most pressing issues in these regions: “It’s really not something that people are worried about now.”

According to the Meduza interviewer, A. Sokolov and A. Avdiyev were ambushed and did not understand why the president spoke about it at all. The press representative of Russian President Dmitry Peskov did not respond to Meduza’s questions.

However, two “Meduza” sources close to the administration of the Russian president claim that V. Putin did this not by chance. According to them, the president drew attention to this problem because Ukrainian war in the background, Russian officials began to consume alcohol more and more often.

The condition of “some of the people in his closest circle” is extremely important to V. Putin, Meduza’s sources assure.

“People have been de-stressing like this since February. Ministers, their deputies, even some vice prime ministers, employees of the presidential administration and the State Council, some heads of state corporations, governors,” one of the interlocutors mentions.

He also added that the main reason for such “stress” is related to the real losses that Russia is experiencing both due to the war with Ukraine and Western sanctions, and V. Putin himself believes that his environment should easily cope with all this.

As “Meduza” previously wrote, until February 24, no one among the Russian officials knew that the president had decided to start a large-scale war with Ukraine, so most of them were very confused and “didn’t know what to do” in the first months of the war.

“He sat down with a glass in February. Some don’t get up anymore,” one of the interlocutors summarized.

Two sources close to the Kremlin who communicated with “Meduza” note that, according to their observations, Russia’s failures at the front have nothing to do with the relationship of officials and leaders with alcohol: “They are fighting their own wars, they have their own problems.”

“Meduza” sources believe that the situation with the consumption of alcohol by the highest Russian leaders and officials began to worry V. Putin, because “discipline began to suffer because of it”: “Someone disappears before an important event, someone makes unclear and confusing accounts. And all this happens in front of people.”

The interlocutors guess that V. Putin will not be in a hurry to forgive the offenders: “For now, there will only be eloquent hints and unobtrusive demands.” Of course, this situation can change: as Meduza’s sources claim, a few years ago one of the governors of Russia lost his post precisely because of alcohol addiction.

V. Putin himself, if we were to believe the media, now practically does not drink alcohol (everything was different during his studies). But he has publicly told how he once celebrated his birthday with Chinese President Xi Jinping: “I won’t hide it, we drank a glass of vodka, we cut some sausage for a snack.”

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