Meghan Markle’s body language when she appeared in Windsor hinted at a riddle: she looked confused, felt uncomfortable

As written Markle appeared “uncomfortably nervous” during a walk near Windsor with Prince William, Kate Middleton and husband Prince Harry.

The two couples went to the royal residence to view the bouquets and letters brought to the Queen and greeted the grieving crowd.

After a short walk, the two couples left in the same car, but before getting into it, Meghan seemed confused as Prince William waved to the crowd. Fans of the royal family also noticed this.

“Such an anxious attitude,” wrote one commenter.

One of them said: “I can’t forget the video of the couple walking. By the end of it, Meghan Markle looked lost. It’s such an ugly situation.”

Another commenter said: “Meghan’s uncertain looks, Kate’s menacing expression and Harry not letting go of his wife for a second says a lot!”

Some pointed out the stark contrast between Kate and William’s body language.

The two seemed to keep their distance, did not hold hands or touch each other, on the contrary, Harry and Meghan were much warmer, showing support for each other.

The two couples left in one car, driven by William.

It is recalled that Harry and his brother William have not spoken since the Dukes of Sussex gave up their royal titles.

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