Ministry of Emergencies: Russia does not have its own plastic for firefighters’ helmets

photo of Vladimir Ivanovs (VŽ).

Companies face the problem that Russia does not have enough raw materials, especially for the production of firefighter helmets, because they only use foreign-made plastic. The Ministry of Emergency Situations claims that the share of foreign components in the production of fire protection equipment is 100%.

“Russia lacks its own components for the production of firefighting and rescue equipment,” Alexander Chupriyan, First Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations, who spoke at the 3rd International Firefighting and Rescue Congress, writes

According to A. Čuprijan, Western sanctions revealed a number of problems. One of the most painful are devices made “on the basis of imported electronic components”, as this, according to him, affects “the provision of responding units with communication, intelligence, search systems and population warning systems”.

Russia also does not have its own low-power internal combustion engines, which are used in drones, special rescue vehicles, mobile pumping stations and power generators.

Another item on the import change agenda is personal protective equipment for firefighters and rescue workers.

“Russia does not have enough raw materials, and the share of foreign components in the production of fire protection equipment is 100%. In the production of helmets and helmets, only ABS plastic produced abroad is used”, notes A. Čuprijanas.

Since the end of February, Western countries, especially the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States, have repeatedly tightened sanctions against Russia. As a result, among other things, they extended the restrictive measures applied to the export of high-tech products.

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