Mino, who has invested in real estate, jokes: I’ll have enough until I die and another divorce

All we’ve heard about Mino for years is the never-ending courtship with former lover dancer Tina. A couple had a dispute over the house they lived in together.

But the financial troubles, according to the singer himself, are already in the past. Mino says that he managed to successfully invest and secure a fulfilling future for himself and his future family. Mino, who is very fond of the Lithuanian seaside, bought a cottage, which he rents to vacationers.

“We must understand that it is necessary to support Lithuanian business, to enjoy our seaside. We have that season for a month and a half at most. From John’s to Zholini. I myself have a cat that no one needs if the weather is bad. And when the weather is good, you are loved and needed by everyone.

I’m not into that big rent. I keep for myself, for my own needs, for my family’s needs. I run the rest of my free time there as a rental. But as far as I was concerned before purchasing any object, it is the same as owning any object in Kaunas or Vilnius and letting it out for long-term rent. The percentage return is very similar. If we calculate 7-8 percent there, then here we can calculate about 10 percent, but here is more work.

It will take ten years to pay off although someone can save by organizing more, others can invest less, so have a lower payback, there are no miracles. Any business in the field of food, service, games, some kind of entertainment will have a better payback”, says the singer and tells in the show that he invested not only in real estate, but also in shares.

Mino has been performing in Palanga since he first stepped on stage for almost 17 years. So every summer you can meet him in this resort.

Also, the man has repeatedly mentioned to the media that he has been dreaming of children for many years, but that family life still does not work out.

“I’ve always liked a bit of that fyfos. Beautiful, well-groomed, but with such a good heart. It’s so hard to find says Mino and doesn’t hide it beautiful women really need a lot of money to maintain their beauty, but he is willing to invest in his future lover as well. Need, need.

But now I need money less and less. That’s very good. I used to need more of them. I was afraid that I had to accumulate some wealth, invest somewhere, protect myself somewhere, create that bubble. It used to be more difficult. And now the further I go, the less I need, because my time is also coming to an end, and why do I need that money? Maybe the money is now more needed for my wife, girlfriend, and children than for me. It’s all changing a little at a time.”

Watch the full interview in the video.

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