Monika Liu – about a new family member after the divorce and the search for a husband: “I am open to offers”

“Masks” will welcome the audience in autumn with even more masks that have not been seen anywhere, under which the country’s celebrities will sing while hiding. Not only that, but every Sunday night, a new panel of detectives will greet the fans of the show. Actor, director, singer Vidas Bareikis, known as a human orchestra, performer and mother of five children Rūta Šciogolevaitė, star of social networks Paulius Mikolaitis – Paul de Miko and fashion guru, designer Robert Kalinkinas will join the long-time member of the commission, artist Monika Liu.

Monika laughs that as soon as everyone found out about her divorce, many naturally started looking for a partner for her. Filming of “Masks” is no exception: “Now everyone is looking for a husband for me!” But I’m not mad at all about that. Even in these filmings, the host of the show, Giedrius Savickas, when a more beautiful mask comes out on stage, shoots me in the face. It’s true, Giedriukas knows me very well and knows even better than I do what kind of man I need. That’s why they choose grooms for me. I am fun and cheerful. Besides, I am now open to offers,” the famous woman reveals.

For now, the singer is happy after the divorce with a new member of the family – a female poodle breed.

“When I lived in the apartment I rented before, I couldn’t keep a pet. As soon as I moved, I went to the kennel the same day and got a friend for life. When I perform or film, I don’t torture Balbina and I don’t take her with me, her mother takes care of her. It’s very funny, but my mother feels like a granddaughter with her and sends me a lot of pictures of what she’s doing when I’m not around,” Monika smiles.

“I can confidently say that now is a completely new stage in my life. I don’t make many decisions alone, my poodle Balbina helps me do that,” laughs performer Monika Liu.

Although the artist currently lives according to a very busy schedule, and it seems that a new member of the family should adjust her schedule even more, Monika says that there is enough time for everything. Especially since the four-legged brought even more good emotions into her life. Therefore, it is not surprising that this year, when she sits in the commission chair of the LNK TV project “Masks”, which has no analogues in Lithuania, she always has a photo of Balbina with her: “Since we see many unexpected characters and stunning masks on the stage, the presence of my poodle next to me inspires me a lot.”

For the second year in a row, a woman who works as a detective in “Masks” says that the masks created by the artists of the new season take away the promise.

“It was only when the new masks came out that the eyes popped out on the forehead!” They are simply amazing! This year, the costume designers worked from the shoulder, because sometimes it’s really hard to believe your eyes. But what surprised me most this season was the commission and its reactions. I’m the kind of person that depends a lot on the company I’m in. With these colleagues of mine, I relaxed like never before. They are not afraid to show emotions. Even displeasure with the performances of some masks is voiced. I hope that this courage will be interesting for the audience as well”, says Monika Liu.

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