Mr. Andretti: Let us explain what we are doing wrong

During the Hungarian GP weekend, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff named the reasons why the FIA ​​is in no hurry to consider the emergence of an 11th team in Formula 1 – Michael Andretti’s project called Andretti Global.

The words of the head of Mercedes are known to everyone, and now 1978 responded to it. F-1 world champion Mario Andretti in an interview with the Spanish publication Motorlat. The legendary American racer is sad for his son, who has already achieved a lot in the motorsport business, is involved in many racing series and is not only successful in Formula 1.

“Michael has been talking about this project for five years. He is expanding his racing business and even went to Australia. Like the rest of us in the family, he lives and breathes racing, commented Andretti Sr. – So why doesn’t he come to “Formula-1” as well?

Gene Haas managed to do it, even though you can’t say he’s a racer to the core. Michaelis has stable financing, serious and hardworking specialists work with him. Everything is ready for a long-term project.

Obviously, we’ve faced stiff opposition and that’s disappointing. Are we ready to surrender? No. I think we deserve a place in Formula 1.

Wolff hinted that he would like to see Audi as the 11th team in the championship. I think this company will be welcomed everywhere, no question about it. But it seems to me that Audi is not going to create a new team at all. They are planning a merger with one of the top teams in order to become a powerhouse supplier.

I will explain why this is so: it is easier to justify the investment in this way. In any case, with any team, if they get wins, it’s a credit to the powertrain supplier. And if it doesn’t succeed, it’s always the team’s fault. It’s always been like that and it’s normal.

We are already working with existing suppliers to be able to make principled decisions, because this is exactly how it should be done. The problem is that car companies come and go. And we are not going to leave – we are coming to stay. Concerns are not dependent on sports, but we are. Racing is our life, we don’t do anything else. Why are we being deprived of opportunities? Our intentions are very serious.

Let us know what’s wrong with our project and we’ll try to fix it. Tell us specifically what is wrong and we will be sure to provide you with additional information. Maybe everything is not as you imagine?’

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