“Nasha Rasha” star Sergey Svetlakov sold his villa in Jurmala: I hope to meet friends and relatives again

The comedian spent his summers with his family in the villa, which has now been sold, for the past 10 years.

In 2010, the celebrity bought land in Latvia, and a year later a house was already standing there. According to the media, the villa cost 200 thousand euros. It was built, as Svetlakov said, by local builders.

Svetlakov lived there with his wife Antonina and children every month from May to September. Now the actor has sold this house. He announced this on social networks.

The two-story house was equipped with several bedrooms, a spacious kitchen connected to the living room and a terrace for outdoor gatherings.

We will remind you that in recent years, S. Svetlakov has started actively selling his real estate. In 2021, he closed his restaurant in Yekaterinburg.

“Unfortunately, what happened to many companies in our country happened. In difficult times, we were unable to agree on a lower rent”, said S. Svetlakova.

Showman said that the negotiations were not conducted by him, but by his brother and representatives of the management company. However, they could not find a common solution.

“We were told: ‘You know, we own so many buildings in Yekaterinburg that we can afford not to reduce anything. If you want, move out!” – said S. Svetlakov.

He noted that he was philosophical about the matter. His institutions operate in Moscow. S. Svetlakov indicated that this was mainly due to human relations: the actor managed to reach an agreement with the landlords. By the way, instead of a restaurant in Yekaterinburg, S. Svetlakov will open a new one, but already in Kazan. “It disappears in one place, it appears in another – it’s normal”, – summed up S. Svetlakov.

S. Svetlakov opened his restaurant in Yekaterinburg in 2016. The comedian named this place ‘Eshak’. Until then, two restaurants were operating in Moscow and one in Kiev. The grand opening took place on December 12 – on the artist’s birthday. Then S. Svetlakov said that he was happy to give himself such a gift.

He promised to treat customers in a modern way and claimed that the creative approach to the interior of the restaurant will be seen even in the toilets. The restaurant could accommodate up to 150 customers, and the average bill was about 1,000 rubles (16 euros). About 60 million was spent on opening the institution. rubles.

Let us remind you that S. Svetlakov was born and grew up in Yekaterinburg. There he studied at school, also played football, basketball and had become a candidate for masters of handball. However, his parents hoped that their son would follow in their footsteps: his father was an assistant driver, and his mother worked at the Sverdlovsk Railway Board. Sergey graduated from the Ural State Transport University with a degree in railway economics. At university, he was a member of the Funny and Ingenious Club and was team captain. Then he realized that he wanted to act on the stage, and not work on the railway, like his parents. Immersed in humor, S. Svetlakov had stopped his studies for a while, but finally managed to finish them. In his final year, he began to cooperate with the popular club “Uralskiye pelmeni”, which in 2000 became the champion of the highest league of Fun and Inventive Clubs.

After moving to Moscow, S. Svetlakov started working with Garik Martirosian, Semyon Slepakov and other comedians. Together they wrote scripts for humor teams. Later, this creative team started the TV show “Comedy Club“. S. Svetlakov was a resident of this show, and together with Mikhail Galsustyan participated in the TNT project “Nasha Rasha“. They are currently parting ways.

S. Svetlakov decided to take a different path than his colleague: instead of politics, he chose business – he opened a chain of shops and restaurants. In 2018, he declared that he did not vote for V. Putin, and in 2021 even spoke out against Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

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