Natalia Bunke’s husband Edgaras lay down under the drip during the event

According to the press release, the event was also attended by a performer and a businesswoman Natalia Bunke. The woman said that she discovered intravenous therapy more than five years ago. As soon as N. Bunke and her family members feel the symptoms of a cold, they immediately go to the doctor. These choose the right “cocktails” of vitamins, minerals, trace elements. N. Bunke’s husband Edgaras recovers after sports with drip therapy “cocktails”. Also, N. Bunkei’s vitamin cocktails help to regain strength during concert marathons.

“After contracting the coronavirus, I also went to the clinic. I had one drip a day. I get sick very easily. I’m like a fiddler on stage, so I often strain something. They already know me very well, they know which medicines are not allowed. After blood tests, it becomes clear what I’m missing”, said N. Bunkė.

N. Bunke’s sister did not miss the celebration either Kristina Ivanova. A woman cannot take some vitamins because of a sensitive stomach, so she takes them.

“I always do blood tests before the procedure. According to the results of the tests and the doctor’s appointment, the doctor prescribed what I needed the most. I noticed that the body does not absorb the iron that I drink, so it is better for me to drip it. It is very important to listen to the signals sent by the body and react in time”, said K. Ivanova.

The new clinic was also evaluated by the men’s “L’Officiel” editor Saugirdas Vaitulionis. The work and lifestyle of a well-known man is very intense. Therefore, when the body says “stop” and runs out of strength, it remembers drop therapies enriched with vitamins and trace elements.

“I was sick last year COVID-19. The drips chosen by the doctors helped me recover from the illness”, said S. Vaitulionis.

The event was also not missed by the titled beauty, and now the beautician Rūta Elžbieta Mazurevičiūtėballerina Kristina Tarasevičiūtėbusinesswoman Renata Paleičikaitė-Polujanskienėmodel Rima Triškutė, communication specialist Rima Olberkytė-Stankus with her husband Žydrūnas, model Simona Starkutė and other guests.

Moments of the event:

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