Night production reduced my electricity bills by 98%

Photo by Algimantas Barzdiaus.

One Finnish manufacturer of mobile homes made a radical decision to work only at night due to high electricity bills. This helped to reduce energy consumption by about 98%.

Mammutti Talotehdas Oy has chosen a nightly payment rate, which is about 23 cents per kWh, instead of the daily rate, which provides up to 80 cents per kWh, according to Ilpo Nylander, the company’s executive director.

The difference between daytime and nighttime sleep is so great that it provides a lot of opportunity to save, even with the additional payment of night shift work, explains I. Nylander.

The decision, according to him, was made together with the employees, whose average wages increased.

while people and households all over Europe are trying to save energy and live due to huge bills, Finnish people have decided to sacrifice sleep time, reports Bloomberg. However, it is believed that this will only be a temporary measure.

Last year, Mammutti Talotehdas Oy sold about 50 Mammuttihirsi products to a large number of customers.

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