One of the most brutal serial killers hid under the mask of a handsome man: women flocked to him like bees to honey

In the spring and summer of 1974, police in the Pacific Northwest were in a state of panic. There has been a significant increase in reports of missing young women from various locations in Washington and Oregon. Unfortunately, the guardians of the law had only one other version that would make sense to check, and they had little idea who might be suspected of committing crimes.

In just six months, six women were kidnapped. According to All That’s Interesting, the panic apparently reached its peak when Janice Ann Ott and Denise Marie Naslund disappeared in broad daylight from a beach on Lake Sammamish, where crowds of people usually gather.

The most brazen abduction became a turning point in the police investigation. Later, several women were able to recall that on the very day that JA Ott and DM Naslund disappeared, a man approached them and tried (thankfully unsuccessfully!) to lure them to his car.

All of the women who testified described the person who spoke to them that day as an attractive young man with his hands tied. He allegedly had a brown Volkswagen Beetle and introduced himself as Ted.

When the description of the suspect’s appearance was released, police received four calls from people identifying the same Seattle resident as Ted Bundy.

The four people who contacted the police are a girlfriend who was close friends with Ted Bundy, a close friend of Ted Bundy, a former colleague and a psychology professor who taught him.

Unfortunately, the police immediately scrambled to get more information that made them doubt that Mr. Bundy could be a suspect: it just seemed unbelievable that a clean-cut law student with no criminal history could have anything to do with the disappearance of the women. In short, Bundy simply did not fit the mold.

These types of findings have been of great help to Mr. Bundy time and time again throughout his criminal odyssey. Given that this man ranks among the most infamous serial killers, it’s easy to see how his official biography misrepresented the investigation. It remains to say that in the 1980s, T. Bundy was the victim of at least 30 women. They were killed in various places in seven states.

For a while, Mr. Bundy was able to fool just about anyone, from unsuspecting policemen, prison guards from whom he managed to escape from surveillance cells, women he manipulated, and even the woman he married while he was incarcerated. Unfortunately, under the hood of Ted Bundy’s upbeat exterior was a poisonous vapor-filled swamp of the ultimate evil.

“I’m the most hard-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever come across,” Bundy said of himself. His words are an accurate shot to the top ten.

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