ORC device – for efficient conversion of heat into electricity

ORC device – for efficient conversion of heat into electricity

AB “Panevėžio energija” is not limited to the implementation of boiler house reconstruction projects, thanks to which the share of biofuel in the overall fuel balance has already been increased, but continues to strive for energy efficiency in heat production. After applying new technologies in heat production, the company plans to produce electricity in the boiler house of Rokiškis.

AB “Panevėžio energija”, using one of the most innovative ways to convert heat into electricity, is planning the construction of a 105 kW nominal capacity Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) plant. The installed ORC technology will make it possible to utilize the heat produced by biofuel in the boiler house of Rokiškis and to additionally produce electricity, which will be used for heat production. The installed device will reduce the amount of electricity purchased by the company. The forecasted annual volume of electricity production will reach about 300 MWh.

“It is the application of new advanced technologies in the heat supply sector in order to reduce heat production costs and work more efficiently. The amount of electricity produced will increase the amount of electricity already received from renewable resources production facilities – in 2001 two steam turbogenerators with a total power of 2.5 MW have been built, from 2021 a 150 kW solar photovoltaic power plant is operating at Pušaloto St. boiler house in Panevėžys. The design works of four solar power plants with a total power of 487 kW, which are being built in the boiler areas of Rokiškis, Zarasai, Kėdainiai, Panevėžys, have already started,” says Petras Diksa, general director of AB Panevėžio energija.

UAB “Naujoji šiluma”, which won the public procurement tender announced by AB “Panevėžio energija” for the design and installation of the ORC device in the Rokiškis boiler house, has committed until 2023. in July, finish the installation of the equipment and put it into operation. AB “Panevėžio energija” investments in the modernization of the heating industry, by installing an ORC device, will amount to 679 thousand. euros.

AB “Panevėžio energija” is a regional company that supplies heat to consumers in the cities and districts of Panevėžys, Kėdainiai Rokiškis, Kupiškis, Pasvalis and Zarasai.

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