Palmyra: mistakes made will last for a long time

Finish old jobs. Focus only on your activities, your problems. It is suitable for looking for old mistakes and correcting them. If you take on something unknown, check carefully – the mistakes made will last for a long time.

It is not favorable to go on trips. It is wrong to accept gifts, to buy valuable things. It’s not good to be angry. It is not good to starve.

Pay more attention to the person you love, your partner – inattention can be misunderstood. The day is favorable for love dates, romantic acquaintances.

From Tuesday to Wednesday it was good to see dynamic dreams. The struggle would mean a struggle with one’s own and others’ shortcomings. It was bad to dream of green grass, in general to see any greenery – beware of deception, possible sadness, failure. Bunnies, cats – experiences, water – gossip, clarification of relationships. To be naked is a disaster, but to cut your hair – you will avoid what prevents you from living, which becomes the source of your misfortunes. To eat – trials, illness. It is also not good to see your reflection in the mirror.

Bad sign: to be smeared with mud – losses, slip, fall – failure in managing affairs, if a pet attacks, if the skin starts to itch for no apparent reason, if the shoe is torn or the heel of the shoe breaks, if a work tool breaks in the hands.

A good sign: accidentally spilling milk, finding a child’s toy or some wooden object.

A look ahead: on Thursday it is worth doing well-known things, the day is not suitable for starting new works; favorable colors – silver, blue.

Aries (03 21–04 20). Wednesday is a good, successful day for activities and solving personal problems. Be more attentive to children, be able to hear their hints and complaints. Favorable romantic dates. An old connection may be renewed…

Bull (04 21–05 20). It is not worth doing anything important – rest, see your doctor or go on a romantic date. Postpone important matters until next week.

Twins (05 21–06 21). On Wednesday, conversations will be useful – you will be heard and understood. So knock, ask! It is appropriate to propose your ideas to the management. Do your tasks more carefully – in haste, distraction, you can make silly mistakes.

Cancer (06 22–07 22). On Wednesday, not only clarity, but also ideas will increase. You will not lack practical foresight – you will find a way out of even a difficult situation. It is favorable to solve financial problems. Subject proposals received are worth accepting.

Leo (07 23–08 22). Wednesday is great for taking initiative and solving complex problems. You will be strong, clever. You will be successful. So don’t stop halfway and boldly do what is important to you now. A good opportunity to fight for the attention of the person you like.

Virgin (08 23–09 22). If longing and uncertainty bother you on Wednesday, this is a sign that you need rest or at least a sincere conversation with a good friend. Postpone important matters – today you just need to dream. An old romantic relationship may be rekindled. True, protect your heart more from falling in love too quickly.

Scales (09 23–10 23). On Wednesday, try to hear what the leaders say, as well as friends, relatives – it is possible that you do not see something clearly useful or, on the contrary, dangerous, which is right next to you and either threatens or promises great benefits.

Scorpio (10 24–11 22). Wednesday is great for dealing with business matters and long-term work agreements. By the way, you shouldn’t have a conflict with the chef, as well as your parents – you have to obey or postpone the fateful conversation.

Sagittarius (11 23–12 21). Wednesday is great for important meetings, agreements, trips. New ideas, good offers, just don’t lose your sense of reality – weigh everything, calculate. A romantic adventure is possible.

Capricorn (12 22–01 19). Wednesday will make you a little tense, but everything will turn out in a favorable way for you – a way out, help will come, albeit unexpectedly. It is the right time to handle tax, insurance, credit matters.

Aquarius (01 20–02 18). On Wednesday, it is worth relying on your spouse, partners – they will offer a good way out, new, promising solutions, and through them, much-needed changes will come. It’s a tricky time in love, when you can overestimate the words of the person you like – don’t be in a hurry to make big plans if you get a nice smile or something promised. True, the day will help those who want to reconcile with their partner.

Fish (02 19–03 20). On Wednesday, try to fix a delayed matter, resolve an old conflict at work. You can get some decent business deals – they’re worth taking. A favorable day for the start of the course of treatment.

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