Palmyra: you will be active, you will guess a lot

Don’t start anything new. Finish old work, check it, fix mistakes. It is appropriate to discuss your career prospects with management.

The best time for communication, both work and personal meetings, and making acquaintances is until 5 p.m. 15 minutes This time is also extremely favorable for renewing romantic acquaintances.

It is convenient to buy books, notebooks, writing instruments, etc. needed for school.

It was good to see dynamic dreams from Sunday to Monday – your current efforts will not be in vain. Weapons, battles – you’re really in for a fight. Haircut – you will get rid of things that prevent you from functioning.

Bad sign: if the shoe tears or the heel falls off – loss of protection; smeared with mud – financial losses; if attacked by a domestic animal (especially a woman) – trouble in the family, failure in love, and for a pregnant woman – danger of miscarriage; if a man is attacked or bitten by a dog – possible infidelity of his wife or beloved woman; if the skin starts to itch without a clear reason – unpleasantness, conflicts; if the instrument breaks while working – you may lose your home, family, forced emigration; to slip or fall in the morning is an unsuccessful day.

A good sign: accidentally spilling milk or accidentally finding a child’s toy – harmony and disharmony in the family; to see a large flock of birds – wealth, help in a difficult moment; find a wooden object – help in climbing the career ladder.

A look ahead: Tuesday is suitable for actively managing affairs, starting new work; favorable silver, blue tones.

Aries (03 21–04 20). It is useful to devote Monday to family affairs. The day is favorable for managing household and family affairs.

Bull (04 21–05 20). Monday is suitable for important meetings and commitments. Accept the received subject offers.

Twins (05 21–06 21). Monday is suitable for managing monetary and property matters, and for purchasing necessary work tools.

Cancer (06 22–07 22). Monday is successful – you will be energetic, clever.

Leo (07 23–08 22). Don’t plan anything difficult for Monday.

Virgin (08 23–09 22). Monday is favorable for renewing something, also suitable for reorganization in activities.

Scales (09 23–10 23). Monday is suitable for dealing with important work matters.

Scorpio (10 24–11 22). Monday is favorable for travel, meetings with foreigners, influential persons.

Sagittarius (11 23–12 21). Monday is suitable for solving complex tax and debt problems, handling insurance matters.

Capricorn (12 22–01 19). Monday is good for negotiation, negotiations, significant agreements, handling legal matters. The evening is favorable for a romantic dinner with the other half.

Aquarius (01 20–02 18). Monday is favorable for solving work problems, suitable for business agreements. It’s also a good time to get a health checkup.

Fish (02 19–03 20). On Monday, everything will calm down and come together smoothly. This is a successful time for handling any business.

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