Passers-by stopped Kirkorov walking down the street in Monaco: they told him what they thought of him without swearing

One passerby, seeing F. Kirkorov, started following him with a phone in his hands. “Whose Crimea?” he shouted at the Putinist. However, the performer did not react and went on leisurely, writes

The man also told F. Kirkorov not to go to his “Zasransk” (Russia, – post) and rest there, because there is no place for him in Monaco. “While children are being killed in Ukraine, you are on vacation in Monaco?” – complained a passerby.

Then you can hear how a woman intervenes, calling F. Kirkorov a rat.

She offered to show him a Ukrainian boy who suffered from the war, but F. Kirkorov again did not respond.

“It’s a shame to look in the eyes, gan*on?” the woman added.

You can see the video here:

We will remind you that as previously disclosed and F. Kirkorov’s frightened facial expression when in the United States the people shouted to him “Glory Ukraine“.

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