Pope apologizes for statements about the war in Ukraine

“When it comes to large-scale war in Ukrainewhich was initiated by the Russian Federation, the statements of the Holy Father Francis are clear and unambiguous, condemning it as morally wrong, unacceptable, barbaric, senseless, repulsive and blasphemous,” the statement said.

In his remarks, the head of the Catholic Church primarily wanted to promote peace: “The words of the Holy Father on this dramatic issue should be understood as a defense of human life and the values ​​related to it, and not as a political position.”

Since the start of the war in February, the pontiff has asked the warring parties to seek a truce, but has drawn criticism for not naming Russia as one of the sides.

During an audience last week, the pope sparked outrage by talking about the innocent and mentioning pro-Kremlin activist Darya Dugina, who was killed in an explosion near Moscow.

After Tuesday’s statement, Ukraine’s ambassador to the Holy See, Andriys Jurash, tweeted that there was no doubt about who the aggressor was and that the two sides could not be identified.

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