Prince Harry criticized for behavior at funeral: admits showing gross disrespect to his father King Charles III

Prince Harry’s biographer Angela Levin was among those who shared the video, which shows the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex standing with his lips tightly pursed as he sang the national anthem in tribute to his royal father.

At the end of Elizabeth II’s funeral as the choir sang “God save the king” the king Charles III was obviously struggling to hold back tears. The king did not sing the hymn, which is dedicated to his own praise. Prince Harry, standing behind his father, did not sing either. For the last ten seconds of the anthem, the prince stood with his lips tightly pursed.

Queen Consort Camilla sang the anthem until the end, as did Charles III’s sister Princess Anne and her husband Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence. The King’s infamous brother Andrew is also captured moving his lips, as are his daughters standing behind him.

Earlier footage showed other members of the royal family, including Harry’s brother William, Prince of Wales, and his family singing the anthem.

It is not yet clear whether Harry’s wife, 41 years old Meghan Markle sang a hymn in honor of her father-in-law, her mouth is hidden by a candle in the recording.

A source close to Harry says that despite the footage, the Duke of Sussex sang the anthem. However, fans of the royal family did not hesitate to criticize the abdicated prince and accused him of disrespecting the new king, although he promised to do so last week.

“Absolute disrespect to your father, the entire country, the throne and the monarchy. He needs to be stripped of all titles and funding. Will NETFLIX still want him then?”, complained UK veteran Mike Murphy.

Others also say the behavior is abhorrent towards his father, whom the prince blames for causing him “a lot of pain and suffering” which ultimately led him and his wife to move across the Atlantic.

“Even if they tried, they couldn’t show more disrespect,” tweeted another royal family observer. Another points out how awkward it must be “when your father is the king and you stand behind him and act like that.”

When Elizabeth II died, the Dukes of Sussex were on a very rare visit to the UK. The abdicated couple reportedly learned of Harry’s grandmother’s death five minutes before the public announcement.

Funeral moments:

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