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The “Vision Express” optical salon, located in Laisvės avenue, in the heart of Kaunas, has been known to the people of Kaunas for more than 25 years – since 1996. True, regular customers who enter the salon today are surprised – although the team of specialists with many years of experience has remained the same, the optics have changed significantly. The renewed “Vision Express” salon will offer Kaunas residents and city guests an even wider selection of high-quality glasses, modern vision test services and an improved shopping experience focused on customer needs.

“This optician is one of the oldest in Kaunas, and at the same time it is one of the first “Vision Express” salons opened in Lithuania. For us, this is a special place where the history of our entire network seems to begin. For this reason, we paid special attention to the renovation of the salon. From now on, the most advanced eye examination equipment on the market, an exceptionally wide range of eyeglass frames and sunglasses and, of course, good vision specialists with many years of experience will await customers there,” says Ernestas Petrauskas, general director of the Vision Express network of optician’s salons.

For the attention of customers – glasses from the most famous European exhibitions dedicated to the optical industry

Laisvės al. At the optical salon located at 99, customers can expect that the process of choosing their glasses will be easy and pleasant. The convenient arrangement of products will allow you to conveniently find eyeglass frames or sunglasses that meet your needs and budget.

“Vision Express” optical salon / photo by R. Tenios.

“The optical salon in Laisvės aleja has been working since 1996, we have many regular customers, we know their needs and expectations very well. Taking this into account, we paid a lot of attention to the formation of the new range: the models of eyeglass frames and sunglasses were carefully selected at the largest European exhibitions in Milan and Paris”, – Justė Kliučenok, head of the Vision Express range, shares her impressions.

The updated Vision Express will have more than 1,100 options to choose from. eyeglass frames and sunglasses. Small buyers alone will be able to choose from more than 100 different models.

All glasses are selected in order to meet the needs of the widest possible circle of customers, so that each buyer can find the most suitable and high-quality solution that meets the budget he wants to spend on glasses.

Buyers will be able to choose both from economy-class quality models from 19 EUR, as well as from niche or world-famous brands. These include Guess, Armani Exchange, Ana Hickmann, Pierre Cardin, Vogue, Ted Baker, Ray Ban, LaMatta, Hugo Boss, Furla, Police, Prada, Max&Co, Burberry, Jaguar, Boss, Gucci, Tom Ford, Porche, Chloe and many more.

“Vision Express” optical salon / photo by R. Tenios.

We will also present the collection of the exclusive brand Kaleos to Kaunas Vision Express customers. Spanish-made glasses are real creations of the highest quality, uniqueness and complex constructions, which combine modern outlook, functionality and craftsmanship, as each model is assembled by hand,” says J. Kliučenok.

Modern solutions for choosing glasses

Vision Express delights its customers with a wide range of services related to better vision under one roof: from vision testing, choosing glasses, to making glasses. Modern equipment is used for all these stages, which allows you to find the best individual solutions for high-quality vision correction.

“Our goal is to ensure that the client who visits our salon receives all the services he needs, ensuring good vision, comfort and eye health. Accordingly, in the salon, we not only perform a detailed eye examination of adults and children, but also provide individualized glasses or contact lens selection services. After listening to customers’ needs and habits, salon specialists choose the most suitable solutions for them.

Glasses are manufactured in an advanced laboratory located in the optical salon, so the lenses are cut with extreme precision, and the glasses can be made in just an hour. Finally, in the laboratory, we also carry out small glasses repairs, which are relevant for many customers, and provide glasses cleaning services in an ultrasonic bath. The latter services are provided free of charge to customers who buy in our showroom,” says the general director of the Vision Express network.

According to the head of the optician network, many customers return to the optician working on Laisvės avenue because of the team of specialists with high competence and many years of experience. Some of them have been working in the salon almost since its first year of operation.

“Vision Express” optical salon / photo by R. Tenios.

“Like our customers, we are extremely proud of our high service culture. It is especially gratifying that some customers chose glasses here when their parents brought them, and now they themselves bring their children. This shows the trust of our customers, which we maintain only thanks to our professional staff. Since 2001, Dr. Ramunė Raitelaitienė, doctor of medical sciences, ophthalmologist, who loves her work, has been working in this optical salon since 2001. It is well known both among eye specialists and Kaunas residents, helping many adults and children to enjoy good vision,” says E. Petrauskas.

He will also check his hearing

Visitors to the Vision Express optical salon also have something new to look forward to – a professional hearing screening service will soon be introduced for the convenience of customers. From mid-autumn, a hearing examination room equipped with modern equipment will start operating in the salon, which allows the hearing examination to be performed extremely accurately, comprehensively, quickly and with high quality. From this autumn, Vision Express is not only good eyesight, but also hearing experts. By the way, the hearing test will be performed free of charge.

And that’s not all, because throughout the month of August, Kaunas Laisvės al. The updated and modern “Vision Express” optical salon located at 99 invites all Kaunas residents and city guests to take care of their eyes: when buying glasses or contact lenses, the vision test is free, and special opening offers will apply to optical goods.

The optical salon is open to customers Monday-Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

More information is available HERE.

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