Prominent Kremlin critic warns of ‘visa war against Russians’

A colleague of Kalinam’s opposition leader Alexei Navalny said that some European politicians “spit” on Russians, consider them “garbage” and “dogs”. This harms the values ​​of democracy promoted in the West and serves the Kremlin’s master, Vladimir Putin, V. Milov said in a video published on A. Navalny’s Telegram channel on Wednesday.

V. Milov, who himself lives in exile abroad, also criticized of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, who demanded that Russians be banned from entering Western countries. Even if the country is fighting against V. Putin’s war, no one has the right to drag all Russians under one shoe.

V. Milov emphasized that A. Navalno’s team has been warning the West about “Putin’s mafia regime” for many years. Even at the beginning of the war, V. Zelesnkis himself declared that many Russians were against the invasion and admitted that it is not easy to protest in Russia due to the impending fines. But now he wants to punish everyone.

“Russian youth do not support the war,” V. Milov said. He advocated that young Russians should have the opportunity to study in the West, so that they would benefit their country after the end of V. Putin’s rule.

V. Milov praised German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who does not support the demand of the Baltic countries not to extradite all Russian citizens. O. Scholz declared that the invasion of Ukraine is “Putin’s war”, not the Russian people’s.

“When European politicians say that all Russians are the same, then conversations about democratic values ​​and world order have no meaning,” said the representative of the opposition. “Strategically, they are sending a signal to many pro-Western Russians that there are no democratic values ​​and that this is an ethnic conflict.” This suits V. Putin. The Russian president has long accused the West of a conspiracy against all Russians.

Currently holding the EU presidency Czech Republic the issue of visas is to be raised at the meeting of EU foreign ministers at the end of August. V. Milov said that he hopes that the offer will be rejected.

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