Promises about record energy prices have flared up: everyone will get help, there will be no new taxes

Decision makers rested too much in the summer

The premier Ingrid Šimonytė to President Gitan Nausėda this week, he presented measures on how to amortize rising energy prices. She said that she could not present the details to the public yet.

“I will present the measures to the public when I see an opportunity to do so.” We will simply discuss with the president whether the directions she has thought about The government, do they look similar to the president. It seems that laying out a very clear price perspective will not be very easy. But we are talking about amounts that will need to be really close to and over a billion euros in the budget.

Only specifically related to the prices of energy resources, not to mention revenue measures, which will also be provided in the budget. For the amortization model of energy costs alone, I am not saying that it will be reduced or frozen, but amortization will require amounts that are very similar to one billion euros,” I. Šimonytė told reporters before the meeting with G. Nausėda this week.

The fact that no concrete plan for what kind of help the residents will receive has yet to be presented is a huge concern for some politicians.

“Personally, I am worried as a person, as a politician, as the head of local government, because during the summer those who had to make decisions had too much chillin, too much rest, and I am worried about what will happen in October, November.” September will pass, those moods after the holidays will not be gloomy, but in October the heating season will begin, in November the first bills will reach people.

The situation in the electricity market is really unstable, that situation and people’s autumn mood scare me personally. Therefore, apart from who is in power and who is in opposition, we must do everything we can to help the people who are most vulnerable and help now, not say we will try and you will feel later. I am afraid that very unpleasant events may happen, which are already happening in some places. Lithuanians wake up very politically and become more active when their finances are touched, when the winds are whistling in their wallets”, said the president of the Association of Lithuanian Municipalities on the DELFI TV program “Iš šenje” about his mood and that of the people. Mindaugas Sinkevičius.

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