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“For the sake of the protection and integrity of our country, I think it is necessary to undertake a partial mobilization,” said the Russian president.

“The partial mobilization order has been signed,” he said.

“For the time being, only those citizens who are currently in the reserve, and primarily those who have already served in the Russian Armed Forces, have specific military specialization and relevant experience, will receive an invitation to military service,” V. Putin said.

The partial mobilization will take effect today, September 21.

V. Putin again brazenly lied about what is happening in Ukraine. He said he would support the pseudo-referendums planned for the weekend in the occupied territories.

“We know that the majority of people living in the territories liberated from the Nazis, primarily the historical lands of Novorossiya, no longer want to fall into the trap of the neo-Nazi regime. People in Zaporizhia, Kherson Oblast, Luhansk and Donetsk have seen and continue to see the atrocities being carried out by neo-Nazis in the occupied territories of Kherson. Descendants of Banderovci and Nazis are killing, torturing, imprisoning, humiliating and otherwise exhausting peaceful people,” V. Putin said.

V. Putin’s address was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday evening, but it was postponed until Wednesday morning after several times the target time. V. Putin’s speech sounded at 9 o’clock. morning Lithuanian time.

Filling up

Russia was already preparing for mobilization: the law came into force when Putin signed it

Russian legislators preempted the events, although President V. Putin has not yet signed the amendments to the law on mobilization, it is reported that this has already happened. The portal of the State Duma announces that the amendments to the Criminal Code introducing the concepts of “mobilization”, “state of war” and “war period” have already been adopted.

Russian political scientist, legislative analyst Yekaterina Shulman drew attention to this fact and made it public on her Telegram channel.

The point is that it is called the “Mobilization” draft law, for which the Duma on September 20 approved in second and third reading (accelerated mode), marked in green at all stages. In other words, the document became law even before it was approved by the Federation Council and actually before V. Putin signed it. At the same time, the relevant hearings in the Federation Council are scheduled only on September 21.

The draft law adds a whole series of new articles to the Criminal Code, including “Voluntary Surrender” and “Robbery”.

It is also indicated that the commission of a crime “during mobilization or war and martial law” is treated as an aggravating circumstance. Voluntary surrender in this case is punishable by 3 to 10 years in prison.

According to this document, Russians entered into the reserve and called up for military training will be prosecuted for non-appearance or desertion, just like the so-called contractors and conscripts.

It is also indicated that disobeying the superior’s order, which was given during martial law, is punishable by two to three years.

The West condemns the planned “referendums”

The United States, Germany, NATO and France on Tuesday condemned plans by Moscow-imposed authorities to hold annexation referendums on the occupied territories of Ukraine to join Russia.

Washington stressed that it would not recognize the results of these “sham” votes.

“These referendums violate the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity that underpin the international system,” said White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

“If this happens, the United States will never recognize Russia’s claims to the allegedly annexed parts of Ukraine,” he said.

Mr Sullivan said the “referendums” and reports of Russian plans to call up more troops reflected Moscow’s recent setbacks in the war, with Ukraine’s military liberating large swathes of territory.

“These are not the actions of a self-confident country. It’s not an act of force, it’s the opposite,” Sullivan said.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, for his part, emphasized that the international community must reject these fictitious votes, planned for September 23-27.

“It is very, very clear that these fictitious referendums cannot be accepted and international law does not apply to them,” O. Scholz told reporters.

O. Scholz called the annexation referendums “part of the imperialist aggression intentions” of Russia, which invaded Ukraine.

“Russia must withdraw its troops,” he said.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg also condemned the Russian-imposed government’s plans to hold annexation referendums, warning that it was another escalation of the Kremlin-instigated war.

“Fictive referendums have no legitimacy and do not change the nature of Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine. This is another escalation of Putin’s war,” Stoltenberg wrote on Twitter.

“The international community must condemn this flagrant violation of international law and increase support for Ukraine,” he added.

French leader Emmanuel Macron called the planned “referendums” in the occupied territories of Ukraine a “parody”.

“I think what Russia has announced is a travesty,” he told reporters at the UN General Assembly, calling it a “new provocation” that “will have no impact on our own position.”

He told reporters that any vote for annexation would be legally meaningless.

“The very idea of ​​holding referendums in war-torn, bombed-out regions is the height of cynicism,” Macron said.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which the West considers unprovoked and unfounded, has shaken the whole world.

After the Russian president sent troops to pro-Western Ukraine on February 24, the West announced a series of harsh sanctions against Moscow.

Moscow-imposed authorities said earlier on Tuesday that votes “to join Russia” would be held in the self-proclaimed “people’s republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk, which Kremlin master Vladimir Putin recognized as independent shortly before sending troops into Ukraine, as well as the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions.

The head of the administration of the Ukrainian presidency, Andrijus Yermaks, stated on Tuesday that statements about referendums are just manipulation.

At the time, Ukraine’s head of diplomacy, Dmytro Kuleba, tweeted: “Neither fake ‘referendums’ nor hybrid ‘mobilization’ will change anything.” Russia was and remains an aggressor state that illegally occupies part of the land of Ukraine. Ukraine has every right to liberate its territories and will continue to liberate them, no matter what Russia says.”

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