Putin has ordered the expansion of Russia’s armed forces

Moscow has not updated figures for its own war in Ukraine for some time, but Western officials and Ukrainian authorities estimate that they could be in the tens of thousands.

Based on 2023 January 1 by the decree entering into force, the number of Russian military personnel will be increased by 137 thousand to 1.15 million. soldiers

V. Putin last adjusted the size of the country’s armed forces in 2017. in November. The number of military personnel was then set at 1.01 million. troop limit, and the size of the total armed forces, including the reserve, was set at 1.9 million. border of troops.

The decree signed by Putin on Thursday, August 25, did not specify whether the military would strengthen its ranks by increasing the number of conscripts, accepting more volunteers or using both methods.

V. Putin ordered the government to appoint an appropriate budget.

According to Russian news agencies, a total of almost 2.4 million soldiers will serve in the Russian army from the beginning of next year. citizens.

About 1.15 million of them will perform military service, and the rest will perform the functions of civilian personnel.

The decree signed by V. Putin will enter into force on January 1, 2023.

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