Putin publicly humiliated his own “professional” army

The Russian president was quoted by the propaganda media.

According to V. Putin, who visited Kamchatka, this information was provided to him by employees of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“I flew here precisely after listening to another report of the Ministry of Defense on the situation in Ukraine. Two corps were formed from local residents. They fight better than professional soldiers. They fight very manfully, bravely and effectively,” said V. Putin.

Dialog.ua concludes that forcibly mobilized men, some of whom are disabled or have serious health problems, and others who did not manage to escape from the soldiers and thus ended up in the “army”, performed better in battles than the Russian soldiers, for whose training and ammunition the Kremlin spends large sums.

Putin’s comments may have been made to encourage recruitment and formation of armed forces in the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DPR) and “Luhansk People’s Republic” (LLR) and to divert Russian media coverage of the war away from fighting in southern Ukraine, the Institute for Military Research says. (ISW).

Analysts noted that Russian forces are increasingly relying on the people of the self-proclaimed DLR and LPR as their main fighting force, and the Kremlin is likely trying to rhetorically increase their role in the war to encourage people to serve and boost morale.

Moreover, Putin likely wants to elevate the Kremlin’s favorite and false narrative of the invasion of Ukraine as an attempt to “defend” the so-called “republic” by praising their forces.

During his reign, V. Putin “invested” more than 1.1 trillion in the armed forces. euros. Russia has become one of the world leaders in terms of the share of the budget allocated to the military.

The RF Ministry of Finance is prohibited from reducing military spending. In order for the army not to run out of money, the Kremlin has been underfunding education, medicine and other areas not related to war for two decades, Russian journalist Farida Rustamova writes in her media project.

Despite these efforts, the effectiveness of the Russian armed forces, as shown war in Ukraine, is quite low. In the war with Ukraine, Moscow actually seems to be facing serious manpower problems.

After the prisoners were sent to fight, volunteers for the “second world army” began to be sought among people with mental disorders. An announcement about the service appeared on the website of St. Petersburg psychoneurological dispensary No. 2.

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