Putin: Russia has many allies, partners and like-minded people

“We are ready to offer our allies and partners the most modern types of weapons, from small arms to armored vehicles and artillery, combat aircraft and drones,” Putin said at the opening of a military forum near Moscow.

According to the president, military professionals value Russian weapons for their “reliability, quality and, most importantly, high efficiency.”

“Almost all of them have been used more than once during real combat operations,” Putin added.

He also praised Moscow’s “numerous” allies, though since military interventions beginning in neighboring Ukraine Russia becomes more and more isolated.

Washington and Brussels have announced a series of harsh sanctions against Moscow, forcing the Kremlin to look for new markets and strengthen ties with African and Asian countries.

“We greatly appreciate the fact that our country has many allies, partners and like-minded people on different continents. These are states that do not bow to the so-called hegemon,” said V. Putin.

According to him, Russia “fosters historically strong, friendly, truly trust-based relations” with the countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Russia is the world’s second-largest arms exporter after the United States, but its export figures have been steadily declining in recent years.

But Sergei Chemezov, head of the state defense conglomerate Rostech, said on Monday that the military actions in Ukraine had not affected the volume of arms exports.

“This year, we have already signed contracts with foreign customers for more than 1 trillion. rubles (15.9 billion euros). This number exceeds some annual indicators of the last decade,” S. Chemezov, quoted by Russian news agencies, told the forum participants.

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