Putin’s replacement: it is almost impossible to imagine another person who received power and at the same time remained a puppet in the hands of the master

The then President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev press secretary Natalija Timakova not only praised his communication and leadership style. She opened up new horizons of love for an unspoiled man, helped to solve the problems and complexes of masculinity that arose. The love affair revived Medvedev: he lost weight and became younger. The Russian president hid his passion as much as he could, but Natalia Timakova let it slip in an interview with Snob magazine, saying that she chooses many things from her heart in her work.

He looked like a little old man

Many believed that this fluent English-speaking man of liberal Western views, a lover of fashionable jackets, luxury watches and ties, a statesman who declared independence and freedom, like Juan Carlos under Francisco Franco, would lead the country on the road to democracy. But it turned out that his entire political career was motivated by Vladimir Putin, adapted to Putin and remained in Putin’s power. And the title of “heir” is a payment for flattery, licks and loyalty…

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