“Putin’s winter” in Europe can be critical: changes are expected after it

“Now we need to prepare for what I call Putin’s winter. We all understand that Putin, who is not successful in winning the war in Ukraine, is trying to win something in the capitals of the West. Unlike Lithuania, in some large Western capitals, until the beginning of the war, it was believed that Gazprom is simply a business participant, that the supply of gas from Russia is simply business, not geopolitics, and these countries today have problems how to refuse Russian gas , the Kremlin itself is reducing that gas, due to which, of course, the prices in the European markets are jumping. The Kremlin planned this very simply, it started doing it last year, and it also affects electricity prices. And today we have what we have,” says conservative former prime minister Andrius Kubilius.

When asked if Vladimir Putin could succeed in achieving this goal, the latest polls in Germany show that 77 percent German supports that the war in Ukraine should be resolved through negotiations, the former prime minister claimed that the Russian leader will probably really ask for a pass this time.

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