Queen Elizabeth II’s Biggest Scandals: Her Husband’s Alleged Infidelity, Princess Diana’s Death and Meghan Markle’s Hatred

The life of the Queen of Great Britain and her family has always been in the public eye. Elizabeth and Philip are known to have often lived apart.

While the Queen performed her duties on the throne, the Prince was occasionally spotted at private men’s clubs of dubious character. Their marriage was going through difficult times then. There were rumors of Philip’s many infidelities.

The list of alleged lovers of the prince included actress Pat Kirkwood, singer Hélène Cordette, TV presenter Katy Boyle and others.

Margaret’s rival and her unhappy marriage

Of course, there were also plenty of rumors about the rivalry between Princess Margaret and Elizabeth. Margaret was often referred to as the “back-up princess”. When she wanted to marry the divorced Colonel Peter Townsend for love, all these speculations took on a new dimension.

As head of the Anglican Church, Elizabeth could not allow Margaret to enter into this union unless the law was changed. The queen could have done it, but she didn’t and simply vetoed the marriage, breaking her sister’s heart. Margaret later married photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones, and their marriage was never a happy one. After 18 years, in 1978 the couple broke up.

The romance of Prince Charles and Diana

This is one of those scandals of the royal family, which can safely be called the most painful. It originated in the 1980s. There were rumors that prince charles renewed his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Camillaand Princess Diana cheated on him with Major James Hewitt.

Even after the official announcement of the couple’s separation, newspapers actively published transcripts of their phone conversations with their lovers, enjoying the details of their personal lives. Diana died in 1997. In Paris at the time of the accident, Charles and Camilla married in 2005.

Sexual harassment of Elizabeth II’s son Andrew

American Virginia Giuffre has accused Queen Elizabeth II’s son Andrew of forcing her to have sex with her when she was 17. She claimed he raped her three times. The Duke of York was also accused of sexual harassment by 43-year-old Joanna Sjoberg, former assistant of the scandalous financier Geoffrey Epstein.

She claimed Prince abused her when she was 21. They allegedly touched her breasts and other parts of her body. Andrew has repeatedly denied these allegations.

Despite this, Elizabeth II removed her son, Prince Andrew, Duke of Yorkshire, from the royal family, stripping him of all military titles and patronage.

Separation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

When the couple announced their decision to leave Kensington Palace, there was a real storm.

The Dukes of Sussex announced that in 2018 plans to leave royal duties in May. A couple of months later, they settled in California with their son Archie.

After some time, the couple gave a scandalous and sensational interview to Oprah Winfrey. In the conversation, Markle alluded to racism in the royal family and the reluctance of the palace to give their son a title, while Harry complained that his father had stopped communicating with him.

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