R. Giedraitis, who survived a career break in Germany, will happily wrestle with three familiar faces

The Lithuanian national team is waiting for an important match in the European Championship. After two defeats in a row, a meeting with the Germans, who have not stumbled so far, will follow.

The meeting will be the most important not so much in terms of the standings, but emotionally, because another failure would hurt Lithuanian psychology.

Many familiar faces in the German national team will agree Rock Giedraitis. Although he doesn’t feel sentiments in Cologne yet, he doesn’t hide it – in Berlin the emotions would be different.

It was here that he arrived in 2018, adding to the ranks of the ALBA team. Until then, the highest stop of the defender’s career was Vilnius “Rytas”.

In Berlin, R. Giedraitis revealed himself and injured his best seasons up to that point, establishing himself in the Euroleague and later leaving for Vitoria-Gasteiz “Baskonia”.

“Maybe there will be more emotions if we are in Berlin. I don’t feel anything special now,” R. Giedraitis smiled before the match against Germany.

The German national team consists of three well-known faces to R. Giedračius: Niels Giffey, Johannes Thiemann and Franz Wagner. All of them are of great importance to the German national team

The former Žalgiris player had two contrasting games and scored 10 points and 2.5 rebounds each, F. Wagner averaged 13 points and 4 rebounds, and J. Thiemanno – 14 points and 5.5 rebounds. With 18.5 utility points, the latter is the most useful in the German national team.

“We live in the same hotel, it was fun to see all of them and chat. We had a good relationship with all of them in Berlin”, said R. Giedraitis.

The careers of this trio, whom he knew well, took different directions. N. Giffey is out of a job in “Žalgiris” Kaunas after the season, J. Thiemann will still defend the honor of ALBA, while F. Wagner wears the jersey of Orlando “Magic”.

“Although the last season was difficult for Niels, he is otherwise a really good player, he played solidly both before in Berlin and now in the national team. Meanwhile, when we played with Wagner, he was young, but even then you could see that he would be a good player, because Franz had a high basketball IQ,” the Lithuanian praised the 21-year-old forward.

So far, the Spanish, Turks, Slovenians, Germans, Ukrainians, Greeks, Serbians and Israelis have started the European Championship with 2 victories.

Such a German start is not frightening, although the victory now becomes very necessary.

“This is a good team that plays a good game. The players in the German national team are equal, they run well, they share the ball, they defend well”, – the Lithuanian highlighted the advantages of the opponents.

The match between the national teams of Lithuania and Germany will take place today, at 3:30 p.m.


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