Red Bull pulls away: Hamilton’s Mercedes took off, Ferrari faltered again

Mr. Verstappen was also the fastest in qualifying, but due to exceeding the limit of power plant elements, he had to start 14th. Already at the beginning of the race, the Dutchman rose to the 8th place, after ten laps he was already in the 3rd position, and he became the leader already in the 19th lap and stayed in front until the finish.

The championship leader was also helped by the failures of his competitors. Mercedes representative Lewis Hamilton already in the first lap obstructed Fernando Alonso’s car, went up in the air, and had to end the race himself due to the failure of the car. The Spaniard called the Brit an idiot for the incident.

Mr. Verstappen was also helped by the safety car, which appeared on the track after Valtteri Botto’s car crashed into the barriers.

The second driver of Red Bull, Sergio Perez, finished second, and Carlos Sainz, who started the race from the first position, was third. Mercedes driver George Russell was fourth.

It’s not the first time Ferrari has messed with Charles Leclerc’s strategy. The Monaco native started 15th but had a great chance to finish 5th.

However, Ferrari made the decision to invite Ch. Leclerc to the service area for the fastest race lap.

During the stop, F. Alonso caught up and overtook the Monaco driver, and although Ch. Leclerc overtook the Spaniard by the finish, not only did he not set the fastest lap of the race, but he ended up losing fifth position, after the finish he was given a 5-second penalty for speeding in the service area.

Red Bull clearly dominates the pilots and teams. M. Verstappen, who is defending the champion title, has 284 points with 8 stages left and is far from both his teammate S. Perez (191) and Ch. of Leclerc (186). The Red Bull team dominates Ferrari (357) and Mercedes (316) with 475 points.

The next round of the championship – the Dutch GP – will take place on September 4.

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