Residents of Balaklia tell how the occupiers ran: 50 of them rushed to the tank

Local resident Ana Gorbel told Espreso TV about it.

“First, the Ukrainian armed forces liberated the southwestern district of the city, Lager, and the occupiers fled from it like a gray cloud. A tank with 50 soldiers arrived, and an ambulance with Russian soldiers also crammed into it. They just ran away as if blown away by the wind. They had no time to pack; took people’s cars,” said A. Gorbel.

The woman added that during the occupation of Balaklia, Russian occupiers had captured civilians.

“They interrogated people, forced them to cooperate. One teacher was taken prisoner along with her husband and daughter – she was recruited to collaborate with them. People were searched at checkpoints and fined for having patriotic tattoos. A young doctor was killed on his way back from work,” said A. Gorbel.

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