Retail chains are reacting to the record price of electricity: they turn on outdoor lights, reduce ventilation

Director of the communication and image department of Maximos Ernesta Dapkiene says that at 6-7 p.m. by saving electricity, it is planned to reduce air ventilation and cooling in stores.

“We plan to reduce indoor air cooling and ventilation and return to normal air conditioning at a later date.” Refrigerators that store food and other critical equipment will operate as normal,” she said in a statement from the network.

According to E. Dapkienė, in the near future it is planned to reduce the lighting in all Maxima stores by about 30%, outdoor advertising will be turned off at night, currently every second store in the chain and almost all warehouses are equipped with LED lighting.

The Norfa retail chain announced on Wednesday that the lighting will be significantly reduced for an hour in all the chain’s stores, and the cooling and ventilation of the premises will be turned off in the shopping halls. The company “Norfa retailThis is how she seeks to draw the government’s attention to the electricity prices that, according to her, are ruining business.

“With this action, we want to draw the authorities’ attention to the unprecedented prices in the electricity market and ask for measures to normalize the situation,” he said in the report.Norfa retail” Chairman of the Board Dainius Dundulis.

The company claims that “Nord Pool” at the price of 4 euros per kilowatt-hour of electricity on the electricity exchange, it would cost her about 36,000. euros.

At that time, Palink, the company managing the “Iki” network, does not intend to take special energy-saving measures, as the savings are ongoing, says the head of communication of the shopping network Vaida Budrienė.

“For now, we really do not plan to take such measures. The fact that electricity needs to be saved is certainly not something new to us, which is why we have made great strides with LED lighting in installation shops, as well as with smart monitoring tools for energy consumption for lighting,” V. Budrienė told BNS on Wednesday.

There will also be no special savings promotions in Rimi stores on Wednesday night – it’s being saved in a way that customers won’t notice, says a spokeswoman for the chain.

“This is not a new process, we are sufficiently adapted, we save in such a way that customers may not even notice, their and employees’ well-being is our first priority,” said BNS “Rimi Lithuania” head of public relations Gabriele Šereniene.

President of the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists Vidmantas Janulevičius BNS said that some companies in the country will suspend production on Wednesday evening due to the high price of electricity.

Wednesday 18-19 in all in Baltic states electricity will cost 4 thousand on the exchange. euros per megawatt-hour (MWh), when in other countries its price is much lower: in Norway – 304.95 euros, in Finland – 299.58 euros, in Denmark – 747.93 euros, in Austria – 676.04 euros.

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