revealed what makes this coach different from the previous ones

“We knew it would be difficult, but the second half was better, we have to play like this the whole match,” said 26-year-old D. Sabonis.

The students of Kazis Maksvytis won 90:73.

It was already the seventh Lithuanian victory in group K, which practically guaranteed a place in 2023. in the world championship.

D. Sabonis contributed the most to the victory, who scored 15 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 25 utility points in the match.

This was the last rehearsal of K. Maksvytis’ students before the European Championship, to which the Lithuanians will leave on Monday. In group B, the matches of which will be played in Cologne (Germany), the Lithuanians will play against the hosts, Slovenians, Bosnians, Hungarians and French. Our team will compete in the first match of the tournament on September 1, when they will face Slovenian basketball players.

After the match between the Sacramento Kings and the national team, the midfielder said that the national team will pursue one common goal in the European Championship.

– Domantas, what were the team’s biggest problems in defense reflected in this match?D. Sabonis was asked.

– I think we have to speak louder, everyone has to say who is doing what in defense. Sometimes we are all still ashamed, we don’t want to blame each other. But we have to talk.

– The preparation for the European Championship is over, how do you rate it?

– We want to win all the matches all the time, and that’s how it happened. But there were bad stretches, we had tough matches, but that’s to our advantage.

It would be better to play against stronger opponents to see where we are. But we will still have 4-5 training sessions to improve our game.

– What do you think of the general picture of the national team?

– I think it’s very good. A different player can shoot each day. We are all ready, everyone wants to win, that is very good.

– How does K. Maksvytis’ national team differ from previous ones?

– The coach gives more freedom, everything is clear, we all have one goal. We are all focused and working towards that.

– You seem to be on the ball more than before, is that an emphasis?

– I didn’t even notice, I was playing my game.

– You get the impression that you yourself feel freer, what determines this?

– I think the coach. He lets you play your game. He visited me in the US, where we talked. We also spoke at the beginning of the summer. As I said, we have one common goal, and we are working towards it.

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