Revolut expands services for business: introduces online payment solution

Online businesses face challenges when most customers add items to their cart but do not complete the purchase process.

It is expected that the extremely convenient payment method for business will help to reduce such cases, manage the costs allocated to payment systems more efficiently, and allow funds to be disposed of more quickly. The solution is already being used by Shopify, Prestashop, WH Smith, Funky Pigeon, Club L London, FlyGo will be launching soon.

By choosing this payment method, people can pay with saved cards or directly from the Revolut app and get a part of the paid amount back (cashback).

Non-Revolut customers can pay with their existing cards. The security of payments is ensured by the face recognition function or the use of a fingerprint lock; the buyer’s account number is not visible to the system.

Launched the scanner in the UK and Ireland

The new email the trade settlement solution complements Revolut’s developing payment ecosystem for business.

Back in July of this year, the company presented its first device, the lightweight but powerful and fast card reader Revolut Reader, to entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The device securely accepts credit and debit card payments and contactless payments, which are deposited into the business’s Revolut account in no more than 5 seconds.

The scanner is easily compatible with the POS system used by the company, as it is offered together with a software development kit (SDK), an application programming interface (API). It is planned that in the coming months the company will also offer a POS solution, thus making the service more attractive to larger companies.

The transaction value of business services, which started 5 years ago, exceeded 100 billion British pounds this year, and are used by hundreds of thousands of companies in Europe and the United States. Business services allow you to quickly, safely and conveniently manage company payments, sales, different currencies, and employee expenses.

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