Russia announces that it has identified the “accomplice” of Dugina’s murder

The FSB said that Ukrainian Bogdan Tsyganenko allegedly helped Nataila Vovk.

The FSB stated that he is a “member of the Ukrainian sabotage and terrorist group” who “organized” the murder of D. Dugina.

According to the FSB, B. Tsyganenko gave Ukrainian citizen N. Vovk, whom the FSB calls the perpetrator of the murder, fake license plates and documents, and also allegedly helped install the bomb.

July 30 B. Tsyganenko allegedly arrived in Russia in transit through Estonia and left Russia the day before D. Dugina was killed.

29-year-old D. Dugina died on the night of August 21 when her car exploded near Moscow. It is believed that the real target of the attack was her father.

A. Dugin, sometimes referred to as “Putin’s Rasputin” or “Putin’s brain”, previously advocated for a long time the unification of Russian-speaking territories into a huge new Russian empire and actively supported Russia’s current war in Ukraine.

D. Dugina also supported the war. Moscow blames Ukraine for this attack. Kyiv categorically denies this.

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