Russia has found another suspect in the death of D. Dugina: a citizen of Ukraine appears in the charges

According to the FSB, B. Tsyganenko, a citizen of Ukraine born in 1978, allegedly gave N. Vovk fake license plates and documents of Yulia Zaik, a citizen of Kazakhstan, and helped assemble an improvised explosive device in a rented garage in the southwest of Moscow.

“After examining the video surveillance cameras, it was recorded that the perpetrator of the crime, Nataliya Vovk, a citizen of Ukraine, born in 1979, watched Darya Dugin in the parking lot reserved for the guests of the Festival of Traditions,” the FSB statement noted.

The FSB also released a video showing alleged evidence of Ukrainian cooperation in the bombing.

The Toyota Land Cruiser, driven by 29-year-old Darja Dugina and belonging to her father, was blown up on August 20, near the settlement of Dijijiės Viazioms. It is stated that the woman died instantly.

Experts differ on who is behind this attack and who benefits from it. One side of the experts claims that Daria, the daughter of Kremlin ideologue Alexander Dugin, was killed by Russian special services, while others believe that it could be the result of an internal conflict in Russia. However, we agree on one thing – the version presented by the FSB about the Ukrainian woman who carried out the attack is unlikely.

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