Russia hastened to react to the decision of the Baltic countries and Poland

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland made the corresponding decision on Thursday. According to these countries, traveling within the European Union (EU) is a privilege, not a human right. However, as emphasized, this does not amount to a total entry ban, legal exceptions will continue to apply.

In response to this news, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow said that Russia “will not close its borders”, but will take countermeasures.

The Baltic countries and Poland made a decision on Thursday not to admit Russian citizens with Schengen visas from September 19.

National interim measures based on the common approach should enter into force in each of the four declaring states separately, once the relevant legislation has been adopted. On Wednesday, the Government of Lithuania approved the draft text of the resolution on the introduction of the state of emergency, which it submits to the Seimas.

Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia agreed that the measures are established based on the common goal of protecting public order and internal security, as well as ensuring our common Schengen areas security.

The statement emphasized that the countries continue to seek a common approach at the EU level and asked the European Commission to propose appropriate measures on visa and entry restrictions that could be implemented unanimously by all European Union member states and Schengen associated countries.

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